Apartment Reviews for The New Broadmoor Apartments in Salt Lake City

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930 East 300 South #12, Salt Lake City, UT, 84102
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Nolan Faley

The New Broadmoor is a good place to live. It’s in a great location, very affordable and has in unit laundry. The layout is good and the 2 bedrooms are spacious. A good place to live for the affordability, but it’s not luxurious. It gets the job done.
Charlie B.

Great Location especially if you're going to college. Management and Maintenance are good guys that always make sure things get fixed and problems are addressed. Very Responsive as well.
Taylor Bigler

I am a current resident who has lived in a few apartment buildings. This is an excellent place to live!! Nice apartments. Excellent matienence staff who is really personable. An amazing property manager that is on top of things. Anything I have had issue with was fixed before I had a chance to say something about it. I'm really happy with this place and love how much the staff works to make it a great place to live.
Delaney Mosier

I have lived here for 2 years and am just now moving out to a different area for personal reasons. These apartments are simply the best! Great value, location, and management team. The apartments are clean and well-maintained. Every time we have had an issue, Thyson or the maintenance team has been incredibly responsive and helpful.
Greg Archuleta

Love it great location management and maintenance is spot on and TOP NOTCH! Thank you Thyson!
Duncan Cox

Lived at the New Broadmoor for close to 1.5 years. Loved it! Units were nice, well laid out & cozy. Inside was in pretty good shape, and Thyson was really responsive & always ready to help. Considering the price, proximity to Trax, the U & Downtown, this place was definitely a deal!
Sarah Rivera

If you hate apartments with thin walls then this place is for you. You can rarely hear neighbors below and above. This is a really quiet building in an amazing location. Felt really safe walking my dog every day in the neighborhood, even in the night time. Really close to trax, really close to restaurants, and really close to the U. This is an ideal location in the heart of Salt Lake City. The management is also superb. Thyson is a great building manager who is really responsive to emails, calls and texts. He gets stuff done and is also available 9-5 every weekday at the building. New Broadmoor doesn't require those ridiculous media packages like the brand new apartments just down the road do so if you want a great location close to downtown, close to the U and has better prices than those cookie cutter apartments, this place is for you.
Sue Kaiser

We have rented an apartment here for my daughter for a year and just renewed the lease. Thyson, the property manager, is the main reason. No matter what his company pays him, he deserves more. As an out of state parent of a U of U student, I rely on Thyson to manage our lease, our apartment and the building safely, honestly and in a timely manner. He exceeds my expectations with every request or need we have had. We love the location and charm of the building. I know there are more up to date buildings available but with a property manager as responsive as Thyson, and a building that is maintained and clean and safe...I have chosen to re-lease at New Broadmoor. Thanks to Thyson, no move was necessary!
Kathlene MacGregor

I really appreciate Thyson, the property manager, he is very responsive and helpful! I love, love this apartment. It is well maintained, clean and has classic charm.
Aidan McCarthy

I lived here for 6 months and everything went exactly as it should. Management is quick to reply. Only reason I left is to get a place with a yard for my dog. Love the area. I had to sacrifice location for a place with a yard.
Adam Brock

Good apartment. While old, regular upkeep, and active management makes this hardly a concern. The location is great for for University students; it's both close enough to walk, or within minutes from trax. Most units have built in cloth washing, while still being close to regional rent averages which is a major bonus I had some minor concerns, but new management has alleviated any issues I've had.
Kathlene MacGregor

The property manager, Thyson, really goes above and beyond my expectations. I've only lived in my apartment there for a few months but every issue I've had was addressed promptly. My refrigerator wasn't working properly and within 24 hours it was replaced. This weekend (Memorial Weekend) I came home and found my toilet leaking. In less than an hour the maintenance person was at my apartment to repair. On Sunday night of a holiday weekend! I really feel well taken care of here.
Kathlene MacGregor

I really appreciate Thyson, the property manager, he is very responsive and helpful! I love, love this apartment. It is well maintained, clean and has classic charm.
Susan K.

My daughter is a student at U of U and has rented here for 4 months. We all love the New Broadmoor. The location is perfect, easy access to school, trax,...
Brenda Chambers

Older but the manager is shaping it up nicely. Thyson is great.
Apartment Reviews for The New Broadmoor Apartments in Salt Lake City
Candyce L.

This complex is BY FAR the best I've seen so far (online).. I have an app that notifies me of new opening that meet my criteria.. I'm in love with the look...
Mark Powell

The New Broadmoor is a great apartment to live in. Amazing location that is only 1 Trax stop away from the University. Walking distance to City Creek (20 minute walk). Good prices as well and nice apartment design.
Chandler Sisson

The current manager (Thyson) is the best manager thus far! In the short time that he has been here he has already displayed more drive and results than all of the previous owners combined. I think the complex is finally in good hands and I can confidently say that this is looking like a place that anyone could easily find a happy home in.
Raunaq Baveja

The new management is really helpful and responsive. They ensure the complex is always kept clean and they have recently added the dumpster for recycled waste.
Nolan Faley

The New Broadmoor is a fantastic place to live. Since our new manager, Thyson, took over a few months ago, management has greatly improved and now works closely with residents to meet needs quickly and efficiently. Living expenses are affordable, plus the included appliances are a huge bonus (washer, dryer, google fiber readiness - to name a few). Just a mile walk from the University of Utah, and a block away from all UTA trans, it’s a perfect spot halfway between campus and downtown. Love living here!
Nolan Faley

The New Broadmoor is an awesome place to live! Look no further. There is easy access to public trans, which will take you just about anywhere. It’s also walking distance to the U, which is great. I love the washer and dryer inside as well as the google fiber readiness. Since Tyson has taken over as manager he’s shown great communication and willingness to help which makes living here that much better! Love living here!
Sophia Martinez

We have been living here for a year and a half. Prior to the new management change, I would have given this apartment a 2 star rating. Happily, this change in management has made living here wonderful! I finally feel like I'm being heard. In particular, I want to recognize Jerry the maintenance guy. Since his arrival, he has fixed our washing machine, shower, sink, and even replaced our entire door. He has gone above and beyond in making our apartment a pleasant place to live. Before he came, nothing ever got fixed and we were really close to moving out out of frustration. Since he has been here, he has always been quick to respond to any issues we have, and always addresses them right away. You can tell he puts great care into fixing things the right way, no matter how much he has to go out of his way to do it. We are so grateful to him and the great service he provides.

Maintenance is done by a guy that is very sincere and genuine. A good guy to talk to and works very hard to make sure everything is working in the building.
Alex Eldredge

Great management, great maintenance, great location, great people, great animals. The place is a very friendly and welcoming environment to live. Great place to be, close to the U/Hospital/Research Park, real close to the TRAX, great location all together.
Jackie Ferguson

The New Broadmoor is an awesome place to live. Management is great. Maintenanace guy Jerry is on point. He genuinely cares about the well being of the residence. He is punctual and the quality of his work superb, whether it be inside or outside. I want to give a huge THANKS to him for all he has done to ensure the comfort of my family.
derek greene

Great apartment complex near the University of Utah. The manager of the property was very kind and I am looking forward to moving in.